Restaurant Workers Lobby for LOWER minimum Wage

Last year, Democrats in Maine pushed a referendum to do away with the ‘tip rule’ for restaurant workers and to raise their minimum wage to $9 per hour. After the referendum passed in November, restaurant workers began lobbying to lower the minimum wage for restaurant workers back to what it was and to re-install the tip rule. One restaurant worker, speaking about the Democrats in the state legislature said she’ll be damned if groups of informed people make the decisions on her livelihood.

Last November, the Maine State Legislature voted to raise the minimum wage for restaurant servers. Then in mid-June, they voted to lower it back down.

And lots of Maine’s restaurant workers were thrilled.

The minimum wage for tipped workers in Maine is half that of the state’s regular minimum wage ($9). It’s called the “tip credit” rule, as it allows employers to take a credit of up to 50 percent from their employees’ wages, because servers will generally make that money back (and hopefully more) in tips. If tips and wages, together, don’t equal the state’s minimum wage, employers are required to make up the difference…

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Democrats in Seattle raised the minimum wage to $15 per hour and although many workers are making more money per hour, they are taking home less as on average, their hours have been cut by 9 hours. Additionally, the city has lost 5,000 as employers laid people off or moved outside the city in order to continue to operate without losing money. In every aspect, so far, Democrats have only made things worse for the people they claim to be helping.




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