Residents of East London Identified as Involved in Recent Terrorist Attack

Even though there is a feeling of frustration over feeling somewhat helpless in stopping Islamic extremists from carrying out their attacks on innocent people, British authorities are determined to ferret out as many terrorists as possible. In that endeavor, they have identified two men from East London who were involved in the attack this past weekend. One man was born in Pakistan and the other is either Libyan or Moroccan.

British police on Monday named two of the three attackers who killed seven people during a rampage through central London last week, saying both had lived only miles away from the scene of the carnage and acknowledging that one had been on the radar of security services but had recently dropped off.

The admission is likely to inflame a security debate already underway in Britain as the country counts down to an unpredictable election on Thursday. 

The two main candidates for prime minister — the incumbent, Theresa May, and the challenger, Jeremy Corbyn — traded barbs on Monday over how security services can better protect the public after three mass-casualty attacks in as many months…

This weekend’s attacks are having a direct impact on Thursday national election in Great Britain where Prime Minister Theresa May is running for re-election but is being strongly challenged by Jeremy Corbyn. The issue of Islamic terrorism has been a main point of debate between the two candidates. May advocates giving police more authority while Corbyn is described as a far-left liberal.

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