Republican Senators About to Make HUGE Mistake

All through the 2016 elections, Republicans ran on a campaign of repealing and replacing Obamacare and they won. However, it seems none of them were prepared to win as they did not have a workable plan on what to replace Obamacare with. The House fumbled and bumbled before finally approving a version of a healthcare bill, placing the ball at the feet of Republican Senators. The Senate has been working in secret to come up with a workable plan and now they are reported to be ready to rush to a vote on their replacements plan, just to make a deadline.

When the Republican-led Senate Rules Committee briefly flirted with the idea of restricting television interviews in the hallways of the Capitol last week, it became only the most obvious manifestation of how the party’s leaders were handling the development of a bill to overhaul Obamacare: out of the public eye.

While that effort was quickly sidelined after some outcry, the Republican leadership in the Senate was otherwise unfazed in its push to craft a bill that would expose its members to as little negative public attention as possible. No repeat of the town hall meetings that drew angry constituents who yelled at House Republicans and, they clearly hope, no weeks and weeks of swamped office phone lines.

In an article for the Monkey Cage, George Washington University’s Sarah Binder explained the four ways in which the Senate effort was unusually secretive. Sure, members of Congress would always rather pass legislation without dealing with negative criticism, but rarely have they gone so dark on such a big effort…

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There is no way that Republicans can come up with a healthcare plan that gives everyone what they want without bankrupting the nation and/or the American people. Furthermore, the only way to replace a socialist healthcare program is to do so with another socialist healthcare program and that was the major purpose of Obamacare in the beginning – socialism.




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