Proposed California Gun Ban Bites the Bullet

Liberals in California proposed an expansion on the definition of assault weapons in an attempt to ban more guns from being owned by law-abiding Americans. However, before the piece of anti-American legislation could come to a vote, the California Office of Administrative Law shot the bill down. The attempt to ban more types of guns literally bit the bullet.

In the today’s news, liberals have lost. Again. This particular time, the Cali lefties are in tears after their proposed gun ban was shot down.

Democrats attempted to expand the definition of the scary “assault weapons” so that they would impose more rules to them. However, the California Office of Administrative Law (OAL) flushed the bill down the toilet, where it belongs….Because it is BS.

Federalist Papers reports:

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In May, State Attorney General Xavier Becerra delivered the proposed new rules to the OAL, which would require Californians to report certain guns into a state database…

California already has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation, yet it has done little to curb the amount of gun violence, including mass shootings and terrorist actions in the state. This proves that gun control laws are not about reducing gun violence, but have everything to do with disarming the American people, which would still leave guns in the hands of law enforcement, federal government and criminals.




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