Pressure Building for British PM May to Resign

If you believe that America has gone liberal, then you need to take a look at Great Britain. Liberals score a huge victory in Thursday’s elections. They gained ground in Parliament, but Theresa May remains as Prime Minister and she intends to continue with her agenda which includes Brexit. However, with the liberal victory, there is mounting pressure for May to resign.

On the day after British voters delivered an astonishing repudiation of Prime Minister Theresa May at the very moment that she had expected to be her crowning glory, she tried to go on as though nothing much had changed. 

She would stay on as prime minister. She would keep her cabinet’s elite circle. Her plans for Brexit would go forward. 

“That’s what people voted for last June,” she announced defiantly outside 10 Downing Street after meeting with Queen Elizabeth II to discuss her new government. “That’s what we’ll deliver. Now let’s get to work.” …

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When Londoners elected a Muslim mayor, my British friends told me that it was the signal that Great Britain was lost. They said that after centuries of tradition, rule, order and decorum, Great Britain has in the process of going down the lou (toilet) and only a miracle could stop it. They also warned that America is not far behind.




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