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This week has seen more tragic shootings and an increase in calls from anti-gun fanatics for more and stricter gun controls. However, many of these anti-gun fanatics resort to lies, half-truths and the intentional omission of facts when arguing that guns are the cause of gun violence instead of the people.

For example, take a look at David Frum, an anti-gun reporter for The Atlantic. After the shooting in Virginia that wounded four people, including House Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), Frum turned to Twitter to spread his lies about Virginia’s gun laws. He tweeted:

No background checks
No licensing
No registration
No permit req’d for concealed carry of long guns
Open carry long guns & handguns”

Stephen Gutowski a reporter for the The Washington Free Beacon, took exception to Frum’s tweet and tweeted back to correct him of everything wrong Frum tweeted. Gutowski’s first response was:

“Everything listed here is a lie.”

The he proceeded to tweet:

“Virginia, like all states, requires a background check on all new gun sales and all sales through licensed gun dealers.”

“Unlike many other states, Virginia requires a new FBI background check on each licensed gun sale even if the buyer has a ccw permit.”

“And, of course, Virginia requires a permit to carry a concealed handgun. The permit only allows you to conceal a handgun, not a rifle.”

Gutowski proceeded to totally destroy the anti-gun lies that Frum tweeted.

In another classic example of the rants of an anti-gun fanatic took place in Connecticut where State Representative Minnie Gonzalez (D-Hartford) spoke out about HB 6663, a Police Accountability Bill, she is supporting. In her statement about the bill, Gonzalez said:

“This bill is to hold accountable and to stop those cowboys that, because they got a bat and a gun, they think they can go shooting especially young kids in our community. This is not the Wild Wild West. And no consequences. Those cowboys doesn’t belong in the police department. This abuse has got to stop.”

Gonzalez is one of many Democrats who speak based on their personal biases than they do on facts and knowledge. Gonzalez’s remarks about police and guns raised a lot of negative feedback, but none as well stated as that of Marissa Cullen, the wife of a Hartford Police Officer, the same district that Gonzalez represents. Cullen wrote an open letter to Gonzalez in which she penned:

“I am the proud wife of a Hartford Police Officer and Air Force Veteran. The men and women of the Hartford Police Department are some of the finest people I know and have more integrity than you could ever wish to have. They serve their communities with pride, dedication, and distinction. These officers put their lives on the line every single day, for little pay, little recognition, and with very little support from elected politicians. These men and women go into their neighborhoods every day truly trying to make a difference, something you know nothing about.

The comments made by you on June 5, 2017, in defense of Bill HB6663 were appalling, ignorant, and unnecessary. While you stated that you support the HPD and its officers, your statements were a direct contradiction to that. Let me address them one by one.

You stated that the officers were cowboys with guns and bats. I’m not sure I have ever seen them wear cowboy hats or boots to work. I have seen officers on horseback, however, they were not herding cattle. I have seen my husband come home with blood on his boots and tears in his eyes as he has faced some of the most horrific acts humans can do to one another. I’ve watched him on phone calls with other officers, consoling them as they attempted to come to terms with the suicide call, or child abuse case, or the senseless murders that occur all too frequently.

You stated that there are good and bad cops, you are correct. There are far more good ones than bad, which is more than I can say for politicians. The vast majority of police officers joined the force to do good, to make a change, and to be positive influences in their communities.

You stated that HPD officers have good pay, good benefits, and a good pension. What you fail to mention is that their good pay comes from countless hours of overtime, or road jobs (which are not paid for by the city, and the city actually makes money off of), you fail to mention the missed birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and special occasions they have missed in order to protect your ignorance. From my understanding, you get paid a hefty stipend for being an elected official, receive benefits, and will receive a pension.

You stated that “you” pay for the officers’ lunch and dinner. I’m not sure how you determined that, as I send my husband with his meals daily, while he works his 16-hour shifts. He frequently comes home with his meals still in his bag, as they do not get a lunch break, and is often lucky if he can even get a bite in between calls.

You stated that these “cowboys” are killing young kids in our community with no consequences, and this abuse needs to stop. Since 2005 there have been 20 Officer Involved Shootings according to HPD data. That’s one shooting every 219 days by an officer. Considering the amount of public interaction, and the calls for service, this equates to a less than 1% chance of being shot by a police officer in Hartford. The last time a person was killed by a police officer in Hartford was in 2013, a whole 4 years ago, and it was entirely justified. Again, your ignorance is glaring, and your abuse of police officers needs to be stopped.

You stated that you pass laws frequently to protect and train police officers. The training is mandated by the State of CT, and you have done nothing to indemnify or protect officers of your community. In fact, based on your history, I am not even sure how you can remain in office. Your family has been called a “crime syndicate.” You have been found guilty of elections violations, you have the “Minnie Gonzalez Little League,” which receives over $75,000 a year in taxpayer money, and is managed by your husband. In fact, it seems as if you have a significant conflict of interest in presenting or debating any type of law enforcement bill, as taking power away from the police directly benefits you and your family.

It is very easy to sit in your safe office and make ignorant, untrue statements towards our officers. They need your support, not your condemnation. You lack integrity, honesty, and decency. You should take a ride along with a Hartford Police Officer on a Saturday night during the summer, and see what they are exposed to. Have you ever taken simulation training?  I’m sure you would not make accurate split-second decisions that you expect from our officers. You truly should be ashamed of your statements against HPD and in fact, should issue a very public apology for condemning them in the way you did.


Marissa Cullen
The Wife Of A Hartford Police Officer”

Hopefully, the backlash to Gonzalez’s tirade against police and guns and the response from Cullen will result in the end of Gonzalez’s political career. Perhaps Marissa Cullen should run for Gonzalez’s seat in the state House?




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