Do Most People Support Christian Baker Who Refused to Make Gay Wedding Cake?

In 2012 a gay couple, Charlie Craig and David Mullins, decided they were going to fly to Massachusetts to get married, since gay marriage wasn’t legal in Colorado at the time. They wanted to hold a reception in Denver when they returned home.

Craig and Mullins selected Masterpiece Cakeshop for their reception cake. Jack Phillips, a devout Christian, owns Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado. Lakewood is a suburb on the west side of Denver. I did a quick online search and found one listing for the best 27 bakeries in Lakewood, and there are even more in Denver, but the gay couple chose the one run by a Christian.

Phillips tried explaining to the gay couple that he is a Christian and that he could not take their order for the cake because of his Christian faith. Like most gay and lesbians who target Christian owned businesses, they were not tolerant or understanding of Phillips’ Christian faith. They could easily have understood and gone to one of the many other bakeries in the area, but no, they ran crying to the Colorado Civil Rights Commission and filed a discrimination complaint against Phillips.

In 2015, the case against Phillips went before the Colorado Court of Appeals who naturally sided with the gay couple. At the time of the trial, Phillips stated:

“I feel that the Bible is clear — what God defines marriage as. For me to violate that would be for me to rebel against God, to take what he’s designed and say it doesn’t matter.”

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The court didn’t care about Phillips’ rights and ordered him to bake a wedding cake for the gay couple. Phillips still did not want to go against this Christian faith, so he made the decision to stop make wedding cakes for anyone. Alliance Defending Freedom, then filed an appeal of the court’s ruling.

On Monday, the Supreme Court announced that they will hear the appeal in the case Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. V. Colorado Civil Rights Commission (16-111). The court will hear arguments this fall.

Here are a few other examples of LGBT activists who targeted Christian businesses. In most of these cases, the liberal courts ruled in favor of the LGBT activists.

If you listen to the mainstream media, you would think that the vast majority of Americans believe that Jack Phillips was wrong in standing for his Christian faith and refusing to make the gay wedding cake. They would have you believe that the alleged rights of the gay couple supersede the constitutional right of freedom of religion of Phillips.

However, that’s not true as a recent poll indicates that the majority of American voters support Jack Phillips and his constitutional right to freedom of religion. When asked, 57% of likely US voters said they believe it should be legal for a baker to refuse to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, for religious reasons. On the flip side, only 29% of voters believe that Phillips should be prosecuted.

When asked if the government discriminates against people due to their religious faith, 49% said yes, the government does discriminate and 36% said no.

The lesson learned is not to believe the mainstream media in what they want you to believe in most matters dealing with morality and religion. They will only support their liberal anti-Christian agenda and refuse to report the truth.

If you believe that Christian business owners like Jack Phillips should have the legal right to not be forced to participate in same-sex ceremonies with their service, then let the members of the Supreme Court know. Also tell your Representative and Senator in Washington to pass a law protecting the First Amendment right of business owners.



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