Pelosi’s Insincere Response to Shooting of GOP Congressman

When Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House, she openly refused to work with Republicans in Congress, saying that the two groups were so diametrically opposite. After Donald Trump won the election last November, Pelosi openly charged all Democrats to fight against and block everything Trump wanted to accomplish. She again said that there was no working with Trump and Republicans.

The liberals have been desperate to distance themselves from the actions of radical leftist James T. Hodgkinson for over 24 hours, and their spin cycle looks to be failing miserably.

Hodgkinson, who has been identified as a Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer and active member of several anti-conservative internet organizations, opened rifle fire on a baseball field packed with republican congressmen who were practicing for a charity game early on Wednesday morning.  After squeezing off dozens of rounds, striking at least 4 people and critically injuring Louisiana representative Steve Scalise, Hodgkinson was finally incapacitated by brave Capitol Police officers armed only with their service pistols.

Now, in the wake of this watershed moment for the violent, radical left, democrats around the nation are working overtime to convince us that Hodgkinson was not a politically motivated terrorist.  One of the ways in which they hope to achieve this whitewashing of literal history is by employing congressional leaders to dish out cliches about how party lines “don’t apply” today…

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When Pelosi said there are no Democrats or Republicans but we are all Americans united in our thoughts, one can help but consider her statement to be insincere, a lie and insulting. She is the one who pushes the differences and is unwilling to work with Republicans, but now wants everyone to think that an incident like this breaks down Party walls? Why can’t those walls be broken down when it comes times to handle the business of running America for the American people?




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