Pelosi Dismisses Obstruction of Justice Allegations Against Loretta Lynch

Is there a different set of ethics, laws and rules for Democrats than those for Republicans?

How many times did Barack Obama violate the US Constitution and federal law? Probably too many to count.

To name just a few, he ordered the Department of Justice to stop enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act a full year before major parts of it were overturned by a liberal Supreme Court. Once Congress passes a bill and it is signed into law, no president has the legal authority to determine if the law will be enforced or not.

Obama did the same thing with federal immigration laws when he issued orders on who not to deport and who to release back onto American streets.

What about the time when Congress froze funding and sales of military supplies to Muslim Brotherhood controlled Egypt? Without the approval of Congress, Obama took it upon himself to release $50 million and the sale of 20 fighter jets to Egypt.

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When a bill has been passed by Congress and signed into law by a president, only Congress can make changes to that law. How many times did Obama arbitrarily make changes to the Affordable Care Act without first going through Congress? He made numerous changes to dates and other aspects of the law, all of which were illegal.

How many times was he held accountable for his illegals actions?

Two of Obama’s Cabinet members clearly violated the Hatch Act (see my other post today on the Hatch Act). Neither of them were held accountable for their actions. Neither received any warning or punishment for their blatant violations.

Yet, Dan Scavino, White House Director of Social Media and Assistant to the President, received an official warning letter for a tweet he sent about helping to defeat a Republican congressman who has been highly critical of Trump. Double standard? You bet.

What about obstruction of justice?

Obama used his executive privilege to obstruct justice in the congressional investigation into Operation Fast & Furious. He blocked then Attorney General Eric Holder from having to testify again and to prevent turning over numerous documentation that had been subpoenaed by Congress. Both Holder and Obama lied about their knowledge of Operation Fast & Furious. Nothing happened and no one tried to press any charges against either of them, other than Holder being found to be in contempt of Congress.

Now the shoe is on the other foot and Democrats are literally foaming at the mouth in their zeal to find any reason whatsoever to charge and convict President Donald Trump. They were ready to scream and holler if Trump used executive privilege to keep fired FBI Director James Comey from testifying, even though Obama used it to protect himself several times.

However, Trump didn’t block the testimony and Democrats were ready to pounce to charge him obstruction of justice in trying to stop the FBI investigation of Michael Flynn. However, Comey testified that there was no obstruction of justice on the part of President Trump.

Actually, Comey did provide testimony that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch may have been guilty of obstruction of justice when she told Comey to play down the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

Had Trump told Comey that about Flynn, Democrats would be racing towards impeachment proceedings against Trump. But when one of their own is guilty, what do they do? House Minority Leader and Congress’s top candidate for the looney bin, Rep. Nancy Pelosi said that what Lynch did was ‘not such a big deal’.

Yes, there is a completely different set of standards, rules and laws for Democrats than what they hold Republicans to. You could sum it up by saying that according to Democrats, they can do no wrong and Republicans can do no right and there is no middle ground or grey area.


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