Ohio Government Websites, Including Kasich’s, Hacked by Pro-ISIS Hacker

On Sunday, a number of Ohio government websites, including the websites of Gov. John Kasich and his wife, were hacked by a pro-ISIS hacker. All of the websites contained a message that warned that President Trump would be held accountable for ever drop on blood flowing in Muslim countries. Note that no such hack or message ever took place during the tenure of America’s first Muslim president.

The Ohio governor’s website was apparently hacked on Sunday, along with the state’s prison system’s website. 

The official website for Ohio Gov. John Kasich showed the same message from the hacker on its homepage as did the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections’ website.

Several other state government websites were also apparently hacked, including the websites for: Ohio First Lady Karen Kasich, the Office of Workforce Transformation, the Casino Control Commission, Medicaid, the Office of Health Transformation, the state Inspector General, the Office of Facilities and Construction Commission and LeanOhio.  

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A message the hacking group, Team System Dz, left on both sites reads: …

All of the affected websites were immediately taken offline and fixed as soon as the hacked message had been discovered. Josh Mandel, Ohio State Treasurer posted a message on his Facebook page telling freedom-loving Americans to wake up as radical Islam is infiltrating the heartland, much of which is the fault of Obama’s open-door policy to Muslim immigrants and refugees.




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