Obamanites Still Heading Border Patrol Causing Issues in Enforcing Immigration Laws

Border patrol vehicle.

Barack Obama did everything possible, including violating the US Constitution and federal immigration laws, in his push to allow millions of illegals to enter and remain in the United States for the sole purpose of getting them to vote illegally for Democrats (and it almost worked). With President Trumps and DHS Secretary Kelly’s strong stand on immigration enforcement, Border Patrol agents are frustrated because three head people are ‘acting’ in their positions, they are holder overs from Obama and are doing everything they can to delay enforcing Trump and Kelly’s edicts.

The enthusiasm felt by Border Patrol agents following news of President Trump’s strong stance on border and immigration enforcement is slowly dissipating as the reality sinks in that actual enforcement of stronger rules may not be changing much from the Obama years.

Agents hoped to be able to return to the days where they could inspect the immigration status of suspicious individuals at transportation hubs, jails or even businesses — not only as an immigration enforcement measure, but to prevent terrorism.

According to some agents, there is a general feeling of a “disconnect” between what President Trump and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly both say they want and expect — and what is actually happening at the Border Patrol operational level…

Hopefully, someone will bring the issue to Trump and Kelly who will quickly appoint replacement heads who will uphold federal immigration laws and start sending millions of illegals back over the border. It’s a shame it takes so long to rid leftover bureaucrats from the Obama era and replace them with people who Trump and Kelly can trust to do what’s right.

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