NYPD Warns that Europe’s Terrorist Surge Heading to US

Islamic terrorist attacks in Europe have been escalating in the past couple of years. May of those were carried out by terrorists that entered the European countries as refugees from places like Syria and other Muslim-controlled nations. William Bratton, NYPD Commissioner is warning that the wave of terrorist attacks seen in Europe will soon be heading to the US.

Thanks to the careless open border policies of Europe in the wake of the Syrian refugee crisis, nations such as England, France, and Germany have been under siege in recent months.

ISIS and other radical Islamic offshoots have steadily been infiltrating the European continent, with their lone wolf operatives posing as asylum seekers from the Middle East.  As European nations attempted to cope with this massive influx of migrants, the European Union leadership has consistently pushed for quicker assimilation and lower standards of vetting for these refugees, making it far too simple for jihadists to move about the continent.

Now, as England is still recovering from two deadly terror attacks in as many weeks, authorities in the United States are growing concerned that we could be facing a similar threat as well, particularly due to leftist judges declining to honor President Trump’s executive order on travel to and from terror-rich countries…

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It’s interesting that this warning is coming from a liberal appointed Police Commissioner by liberal Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio. Democrats have been the ones protesting against President Trump’s executive order travel ban and for his efforts to secure our border. Now, one of their own is warning of the coming attacks that Trump is trying to protect against.




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