NJ Democrat Says it’s Time to ‘Hunt Republicans’

The Democratic Party has become a socialist political party for the past several decades. However, after the open socialist policies and actions of Barack Obama, socialists have been ‘coming out of the closet and into the open’. Sen. Bernie Sanders and his socialist supporters are among the open socialists trying to take over the Democratic Party and America. After the Wednesday shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise and three others by an ardent Sanders supporter, a New Jersey Democrat had the gall to tell others it’s time to ‘hunt Republicans’.

If you think that it’s only the “fringe” liberals who were happy to hear of the attempted GOP massacre in Arlington, Virginia on Wednesday, you’d be wrong.

Already in the hours after the attack we’ve seen social media exulting in the attack with thousands of liberals making comments that range from saying that the GOP “deserves” the violence, to happiness that someone “finally” did something. I’m not kidding – read hereherehere, and here.

There has also been an uptick in threats made toward Republican leaders across the country. (See herehere, and here.)

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Celebrities have been getting in on the act too: See for yourself here, and here

Socialism is a form of government that uses violence, murder, and intimidation to gain control of a nation and then it basically makes slaves of the people to their socialist government. They steal from the wealthy, from the middle class and even from the poor. They take control of most businesses along with the media and schools. This is what Democrats, especially Sanders supporters are working towards.




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