New Poll Says Trump Approval Hits 50%

If you pay attention to the mainstream media and Democrats, you would believe that President Donald Trump’s approval rating, even among Republicans is the lowest of any president since ratings were kept. However, you have to realize that they will only report the polls that favors their agenda. You probably won’t hear them report on one poll that shows Trump has an approval rating of 50%.

To say that President Trump’s first few months in office have been tumultuous would be the understatement of the millennium. The first few months of his presidency have been marked by agitation, protests, riots, and literal insanity. What’s most upsetting is that while some of this was avoidable (stop the ill-conceived tweets), President Trump had no way of avoiding most of the chaos that the Democrats and the media have aimed at him, indeed much of it began before his inauguration.

Because of the almost constant negative attention that has been swirling around the President, including criminal investigations into multiple issues (there is still no evidence of any wrongdoing), and in part due to his polarizing personality, President Trump has remained mired in historically LOW approval ratings. However, those ratings seem to have settled around 40-42% over the last month or so, as investigations have failed to uncover any evidence that the President actually did something wrong. He’s also avoided the mistakes of his first few weeks in office, and he’s won some major points for his handling of foreign affairs and his domestic achievements. All of these things have worked together to entrench his supporters and detractors in their own camps.

But the momentum seems to be shifting…

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You can’t rely on the mainstream media or Democrats to report the real truth about anything. They tend to twist the facts more than a twist tie on a loaf of bread. Sadly, too many Americans do rely on the liberal mainstream media for all of their news and information and this was evidenced in last year’s election results. You have to be diligent and check a number of sources, not just liberal ones, to get the facts.




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