Michigan School District Defies Atheists & Reinstates Bible Classes

Atheist groups have been bullying public schools for several decades. They continue to spout off about the alleged separation of church and state, which technically does not exist even though more people believe it does. The alleged separation they refer to was only mentioned in a letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptist Association. Many experts believe that Jefferson’s intent in his letter was that the government should never get into a position of supporting or instituting a state sponsored religion or denomination as what had happened in England, France, Netherlands, Germany and other nations at the time of the American colonies and formation of the United Nations of America. He never ever meant or said that the government cannot have any part in any form of religious activity, teaching, worship, prayer or even foundational morals. However, that is how liberals, including liberal judges, have misinterpreted Jefferson’s letter. Worse yet, they have misused his letter in claiming that it’s part or the US Constitution which is it is definitely wrong.

However, with the help of liberal judges, atheist groups continue to bully and trample on the First Amendment rights of the freedom of religion of millions of Americans. Under the past 8 years of the reign of terror imposed by Barack Obama, he declared war on the First Amendment right of free speech and used Obamacare as one of his major offensive attacks to destroy the First Amendment. He tried to force Christians, in particular, to violate their faith. He also forced military chaplains to violate their faiths as well. During this period, atheist groups became bolder in bullying Christians and public schools, since they knew the hundreds of liberal judges appointed by Obama would rule in their favor.

Daisy Brook Elementary School in rural Fremont, Michigan, about 45-50 miles north of Grand Rapids, used to allow elementary students to meet in the school cafeteria for Bible classes. The Michigan Association of Civil Rights Activists lodged a complaint against the school, claiming that allowing the Bible classes to meet in the cafeteria was a violation of church and state. The school district caved in to the threat of a lawsuit and cancelled the classes.

However, a number of parents let the school district know that they wanted the Bible classes reinstated. Students were allowed to take time during their lunch break to be transported via a church bus to a nearby church, once a month for the Bible classes. Yet, the atheist activists lodged another complaint with the school district and once again, the school district caved in to the bullying and cancelled the Bible classes.

Parents once again rose to the occasion and District Superintendent Ken Haggart has announced that starting in the fall, the Bible classes will once again be reinstated and this time, he is determined to stand up to the atheist bullying. Haggard told the media:

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“We temporarily canceled the program while we reviewed parts of the program. We believe that we were doing nothing wrong.”

“We’re excited to bring the program back. It’s a great program for many of our kids who live in Fremont.”

Nearly a quarter of the students at Daisy Brook Elementary School participate in the Bible classes, all with parental permission.

An attorney representing the church where the students were meeting and will be meeting again, Timothy Denney, told the media:

“Michigan law specifically authorizes public schools to release students for up to 2 hours per week for religious instruction at an off premises location which is exactly what happened in Fremont.”

“Sometimes I think the first impulse of public school administrators is that when anyone complains about religion in the public schools … is to stop the thing temporarily.”

It’s ironic that a spokesperson for the activist group stated:

“Public schools are institutions of knowledge, not temples of ideology, and MACRA encourages parents, students or teachers to complain if similar religious activity is occurring in their public schools.”

Considering that today’s public school system has dropped a great deal of teaching and replaced it with ideological brainwashing of students. They are being taught to hate free enterprise, Christianity, patriotism and everything good about America. Instead, they are being taught that America is the world’s enemy and that socialism is the best form of government. That was reflected in a recent poll where 44% of millennials say they preferred socialism over capitalism. It was also reflected in last year’s presidential election when so many younger people wept, pouted and threw temper tantrums after learning that Donald Trump had won the election.

There is no doubt that the activist group will once again file a complaint and challenge the school’s decision to reinstate the Bible classes, even though they will be following all of the provisions of state law that allows such classes. The activists will continue to bully and pressure to force the school to trample on their rights and the rights of students. The activists are intolerant of everyone who does not hold and agree with their warped agenda and they will let everyone know it.


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