Michigan Airport Attack Injures Officer

A Michigan police officer was working at the airport in Flint, Michigan when an attacker approached him, making statements that have not been released yet, and then stabbed Officer Jeff Neville in the neck. Fellow officers detained and arrested the attacker, who was still shouting out something. Neville was taken to the hospital and is reported in stable condition. Authorities are treating it as an isolated incident. the attacker was yelling Islamic statements prior to and after the stabbing, leading officials to believe it was an act of terrorism./strong>

The stabbing of a police officer at a Michigan airport on Wednesday is being investigated by the FBI as a possible terror attack, officials said.

Bishop International Airport in Flint, Michigan, was evacuated after Officer Jeff Neville was stabbed in the neck. He’s currently listed as being in stable condition, according to Michigan State Police.

The FBI says the suspect is in custody and is being questioned. They are working to determine a possible motive for the attack.

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“We are aware of reports that the attacker made statements immediately prior to or while attacking the officer, but it is too early to determine the nature of these alleged statements or whether or not this was an act of terrorism,” the FBI said in a statement…

If ruled a terrorist attack, the question is what kind of terrorist attack? It may have been the result of an Islamic extremist or it could be an attack by a domestic terrorist who hates police. Barack Obama worked hard to create an atmosphere of hating law enforcement and ever since then, more police are being attacked than they have in years.




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