Media Refuses to Accept that Trump Was Exonerated

It was obvious during the Thursday’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing with James Comey, that Democrats already had their minds made up that President Donald Trump was guilty of numerous crimes. However, Comey did not provide the damning evidence Democrats had hoped for. After his testimony, Trump’s attorney proved that on at least one key point that Comey lied and only incriminated himself, not Trump. yet, listening to the mainstream media, they have yet to accept that most of Comey’s testimony exonerated Trump, not convict him.

Someone asked me on Thursday evening what the fallout would be from Comey’s day of testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Rather cynically, I responded that it was most likely that nothing would change. The media would hear all of the evidence, learn that Trump had not done any of the terrible things they had been reporting that he might have done… and the media would ignore it and continue their attacks on Trump.

It’s already started. Instead of focusing their reports on the news that Comey had all but cleared Trump of collusion, or that Trump had urged Comey to push harder in his investigation into the Russian efforts to meddle in our election, or even that Trump had not obstructed any of the FBI’s investigations – instead of focusing on these things… the media is focused on the fact that Comey called Trump a liar.

It’s ridiculous. Rush Limbaugh noticed the hypocrisy as well and he railed against it during his most recent radio show: …

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Honestly, there could be a mountain of hard evidence that would exonerated President Donald Trump and the mainstream media and liberal Democrats would still refuse to accept it. They are so blinded by their loyalty to liberalism and the destruction of America that they couldn’t recognize the truth if it were right in front of their faces.




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