Mattis Warns North Korean Nuclear Threat Closer Than Thought

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un has been threatening war against America and some of our allies in the region. Not only just war, but Kim has been threatening to use nuclear weapons against the US and our allies. Many fear that Hawaii could be his target due to it being closer to North Korean than the western coast of the United States. Secretary of Defense, Gen. James Mattis, says that the North Korean nuclear threat is urgently serious and a lot closer to reality than many believe.

While congress is continuing to move forward with their witch hunt over the President’s purported ties to Russia, the U.S. Defense Secretary has other, more urgent worries to attend to.

General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, President Trump’s much-heralded choice for the nation’s top national security position, has long been respected by both the U.S. military member who have served under him and by the American people in general.  His no-nonsense, metered enthusiasm and attention to detail has provided our great nation with a sense of calm durability during his brief time in office.

In other words:  When Mad Dog barks, you listen.

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Now, General Mattis is calling for further attention on the issue of North Korea, the hermit kingdom in Asia who has refused to cease their incessant threatening of the United States, their illegal missiles tests, and their advancement in nuclear technology that are forbidden by international law…  

Many liberals in Congress and the media do not believe that Kim would actually launch a nuclear attack against the United States or any of our allies, but Mattis believes they will and are a lot closer to doing so than most realize. He called North Korea’s nuclear program and ‘clear and present danger’ that cannot be ignored and that the United States must be prepared.




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