Are Liberals Calling for Anarchy After Shooting of Congressman?

The nation should be in shock and repulsed by the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise and three others as Republican members of Congress took to the field to practice for a charity baseball game. Instead of condemning what happened, many liberals around the nation praised the actions of the Bernie Sanders supporter who did the shooting. One journalist actually had the gall to call for organized violent resistance to the President Donald Trump and Republicans.

The left is secretly celebrating the violent attack on a GOP baseball practice in Virginia yesterday, with some of their media operatives even pushing for a more thorough assault on American conservatives.

Social media was rife with ugly examples of liberal Americans refusing to condemn the actions of radical leftist James T. Hodgkinson yesterday.  It was as if this Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer-turned-lone wolf democratic terrorist was speaking for the greater liberal lifeline instead of against the very sanctity of our elected governance.  In the absence of these accolades, however, was something even more disturbing:  Total silence.

Whereas the lunatic left was forced to denounce Kathy Griffin’s gruesome publicity stunt in which she realistically mocked the ISIS-style beheading of President Trump, with many taking to Facebook and Twitter to reluctantly say that enough is enough, these same anti-conservative agents of hate are eerily quiet after the violence that rocked that baseball diamond in Virginia.  It is this cold and chilling silence that has led many to believe that the left has traded in their condolences for condoning of Hodgkinson’s actions…

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If you study the majority of platforms of the Democratic Party, you will see that in reality, they have become socialists. The history of socialist takeovers is one filled with violence and bloodshed. They have zero tolerance for anyone who disagrees with them or stands in their way of accomplishing their goals. The gunman who shot Rep. Scalise claims to be a Democrat Socialist who fully supports Bernie Sanders. in reality, he was living up to the philosophy of his political party.




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