Liberal Oregon Offering ‘Third Gender’ Option on Driver’s Licenses

Oregon is one the states to lead the way when it comes to liberal, anti-traditional policies. They were the first state to legalize doctor assisted suicide. They were among the first states to automatically register everyone to vote who renewed or obtained a new driver’s license. That includes registering illegal aliens as well, even though it’s against federal law for them to vote. Now, Oregon is offering a third gender option on driver’s licenses.

Oregon has become the first US state to include a third gender option on state-issued identification cards.

Beginning in July, Oregon residents who do not identify as male or female can mark X for sex on driver’s licenses, learner’s permits and state IDs.

The state’s Transportation Commission approved the new rule, which was hailed by LGBTQ rights groups.

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The shift comes a year after an Oregon judge ruled a retired Army veteran could legally identify as non-binary…

Oregon is also a state run by liberal Democrats who seem hell-bent on destroying the America we all knew and grew up with. They are intentionally attacking many of the foundations our nation was built upon, two of where are Christianity and a traditional marriage of one man with one woman. Sorry folks, but I’m still a Christian and believe in those foundations and also believe that anyone who violates them are sinners.




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