Liberal Media Tries Changing History

As America’s liberals and LGBT activists commemorate the one year anniversary of the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, the liberal media is redefining history by describing it as an act of gun violence instead of a Muslim terrorist attack. Liberals, who are so supportive of Muslims, fail to realize that any form of homosexuality is repulsive to Muslims and punishable by death.

One year ago yesterday marked the first anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, where 49 people were slaughtered and another 53 injured.

Most, if not all, main stream websites acknowledged the anniversary. The interesting but predictable thing about virtually all these remembrances was that most did not actually mention the shooting. And only one, the New York Times, even mentioned that the shooter pledged his loyalty to ISIS.

The Times was doing a retrospective on one of the victims who survived, recounting the man’s injuries, so they had to recap the incident. They did get the closest of any to telling the whole story. “…Omar Mateen, motivated by the Islamic State, randomly riddled club-goers with bullets from an assault rifle and a pistol,” wrote the Times. Of course they also had to mention the guns, particularly the “assault” rifle.

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Yet in none of these dozen or so anniversary reports was the word Islam or Muslim ever used. A few used IS and Islamic State in passing, but no more than that…

This is a typical ruse used by liberals – rewriting history. Many school textbooks no longer teach the true history of America, rather they teach a liberally perverted re-written history filled with liberal myths, lies and anti-American propaganda. No wonder our younger generation is going down the tubes so rapidly, as seen by their reactions to last year’s elections.




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