Liberal Feminist Admits Democrats Destroyed Journalism

It’s rare for a liberal to admit that liberals are wrong or to blame for everything. They have the habit of blaming conservatives for all the problems and trouble they’ve created. Obama, Clinton, Pelosi and Reid are all experts at blaming Republicans for all of their screw-ups. It’s surprising to hear a flaming liberal, lesbian feminist admit that the Democratic Party is at fault for destroying the integrity of modern journalism.

I’ve said this many times before, and i’m sure i’ll say it again…

Feminist, lesbian professor and author Camille Paglia is my favorite liberal. She and I disagree on so much in politics and culture… but we agree on some of the most important foundational issues of liberty and public discourse.

In recent years Paglia has attacked modern feminism as not being “real” feminism because it has focused on demeaning men instead of lifting women. She has attacked the Democrat Party for supporting the immoral and unethical Clinton family and not supporting true “liberal” ideals…

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Seeing what Paglia has said about journalism and liberal fascists and free speech makes one wonder if there really might be any such thing as an honest left-winged liberal. I guess it could be possible, as I’ve heard of vegetarian tigers and piranha, so I guess that anything is possible, including an honest liberal, but somehow, you still have to be doubtful.




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