Liberal California Dem. Senator had to Muzzled During Comey Testimony

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) had to be stopped and muzzled by Republicans on the Senate Intelligence Committee during the testimony of James Comey. Like so many vicious Democrats trying to draw blood, Harris was relentless and some of her statements clearly defined her pre-conceived ideas that Trump was guilty of everything. She was not about to listen to anything that exonerated Trump, of which there was plenty.

In California, she at times was known for being too cautious during her tenure as attorney general. Now in Washington, Sen. Kamala D. Harris is quickly shedding that reputation.

Since taking the oath of office in January, she has emerged as one of the Capitol’s most outspoken liberals, particularly for a freshman. She has gone toe-to-toe with Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly over the administration’s crackdown on illegal immigration, defended President Obama’s legacy and become one of the most adamant opponents of President Trump’s Cabinet picks.

In a city full of anti-Trump lawmakers, Ms. Harris has managed to stand out by building on her decidedly progressive record with a driven, deliberate approach to Washington politics…

Some sources praised Harris for her conduct and condemned the Republicans for trying to shut her up, but those were liberal sources anyway. More conservative sources condemned Harris for her conduct and praised the Republicans. I watched most of the hearing that was televised, (there was a private and more sensitive hearing) and frankly, I think Harris is a typical liberal activist who already had her mind made up and was not wanting to hear anything different, including the truth.

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