Liberal Actor Calls for WAR Against Trump

Ever since the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), intolerant liberals have been coming out promoting more violence and attacks against President Donald Trump. Comedienne Kathy Griffin started the trend with her gross and bloody insult to Trump. That’s been followed by Republican hit lists and then Johnny Depp makes his inappropriate comment about it’s about time an actor assassinates a president. Now, liberal actor Rob Reiner has joined the fray by calling for an all-out war against Donald Trump.

The divisive nature of the radical left has been on full display in the months since Donald Trump took office, and now, their “resistance” is turning violent.

Dissent and patriotism do often go hand in hand, especially as it pertains to corruption and collusion among those we’ve elected, but what is happening in this day and age is something much more sinister.  The liberals have created, out of thin air, something they’re calling the “resistance” movement; a loosely knit cabal of anti-conservative twerps who are opposing President Donald Trump at every possible turn, no matter what the Commander in Chief is working on.  The left has taken this absurd new tactic to the extreme as well, not only politically opposing Trump, but quite literally denouncing anything that could be in any way construed as being related to the President.  In all honesty, the “resistance” is so petty that it wouldn’t surprise us to see red ties banned at upcoming democratic events…

If anyone would have dared say anything like this against Barack Obama, the liberal media would be all over them like a school of piranhas on a wounded animal. Not only is their silence a sign of their hypocrisy but consider the fact that liberals are using violence to push for more gun control laws and yet they are the ones now calling for more violence. How can they condemn violence when they are calling for more violence?

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