Kellyanne’s Hubby Rips Trump on Twitter

Kellyanne Conway has served as a key Trump campaign adviser and strategist and now serves as the Counselor to the President. Her husband, George Conway has been mentioned as a serious candidate to head a major division within the Department of Justice. However, George may have just blown that chance as he took to Twitter to bash Trump’s criticism of the Department of Justice’s ‘politically correct’ watered-down version of Trump’s travel ban.

The husband of White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway – and a former top prospect to lead a Justice Department division – on Monday criticized President Trump for bashing the DOJ’s “politically correct” revision of his original travel ban executive order.

“These tweets may make some ppl feel better, but they certainly won’t help OSG get 5 votes in SCOTUS, which is what actually matters. Sad,” tweeted George Conway, a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz.

In addition to tweeting the above bash of Trump, Conway also tweeted that Trump’s tweets will most likely hurt his chances of getting the Supreme Court to rule in his favor concerning the travel ban. Conway has tried in the past to temper Trump’s public comments and tweets, but may find it necessary for her career to focus on tempering hubby’s tweets or she may find herself looking for a job.

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