Kansas Republicans Defy Governor by Raising Taxes

In 2012, Kansas Republican Governor Sam Brownback revised the state’s tax system and lowered taxes in what was referred to a ‘real live experiment’. The experiment failed and instead of continuing to make more spending cuts, Kansas Republicans approved a measure to raise taxes, in defiance of Brownback. Brownback vetoed the tax increase earlier, but enough Republicans joined with Democrats to override his veto.

Republicans in Kansas broke ranks with the state’s conservative governor Tuesday night, voting to raise tax rates and put an end to a series of cuts.

The GOP revolt is a defeat for Gov. Sam Brownback, who overhauled the state’s tax system beginning in 2012, part of what called a “real-live experiment” in conservative governance. Yet the economic boom Brownback promised has not materialized, leaving the state government perennially short on money and forced to reduce basic services.

Kansas’s legislature is overwhelmingly Republican, but moderate GOP lawmakers joined with Democrats to override Brownback’s veto of the bill to increase taxes. Eighteen of the state’s 31 GOP senators and 49 of the 85 Republican members of the House voted against the governor…

What just happened in Kansas could be an indication of things to come in Washington DC as some Republicans, including President Trump have advocated cutting taxes in order to help spur the economy. It was done previously and worked, but many don’t believe it can work again at a national level and if Kansas is any indication, they may be right.

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