Ivanka Trump Criticizes the Viciousness of Trump Critics

Never before in the history of the United States has the media and politicians been so brazenly critical of a US President. The viciousness of the attacks made on Donald Trump have dripped with hatred and deadly poison. If words could kill, Trump would already be history. First Daughter Ivanka has spoken out against the critics, saying that what she has witnesses far exceeds anything she expected.

President Trump’s daughter Ivanka has criticised “the level of viciousness” her father has been subjected to.

She said that it went far beyond what she was expecting.

In the interview with the Fox and Friends morning TV show, she said that she had been left blindsided by the ferocity of some of the attacks levelled against the president.

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Her father is under intense scrutiny in the US, including over the Russia investigations and his business ties…

Whenever anyone criticized Barack Obama, they were immediately labeled as being racists, bigots and haters, but the very same people have no qualms leveling the harshest criticism against Donald Trump. It’s another example of the double standard hypocrisy of the liberal left. They are the haters, bigots and racists for their complete intolerance of anyone else that does not hold with their anti-American policies




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