Italy Admits Problems of Refugees, Considering Closing Ports

More and more European nations are beginning to admit that the thousands of Middle Eastern and African refugees they allowed into the countries have been creating a huge number of problems. One of those nations is Italy, who is now seriously considering closing their ports to all non-European citizens. Like several other European nations, they will be in defiance of the refugee quota set by the liberal European Union.

Europe has been on edge for months, as middle eastern migrants flood into the continent to escape the violence of ISIS and the civil war in Syria.

It is no coincidence that Europe’s recent surge in terror attacks has come at a time when EU member nations are taking in a record number of asylum seekers from the middle east.  ISIS and other caliphate organizations have been taking advantage of Europe’s relaxed border standards in order to disguise their lone wolf operatives as refugees, moving them to the far corners of Europe with astounding ease.  This has caused several EU nations to openly defy the migrant quotas being imposed by their leadership, with Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary leading the charge.  Now, it looks as though Italy may also consider a blockade of potentially dangerous boats full of refugees.

“The Italian government has reportedly asked its ambassador in Brussels to request help from the EU in dealing with the latest migration crisis after it was reported authorities are struggling to cope…

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Barack Obama and his liberal Democrats wanted to be like the European countries and allow many thousands of Muslim refugees to flood into America. Had he succeeded, we would be facing many of the same problems that Italy and other European countries have been experiencing. Besides increases in crime, most of the refugees have no means of support, which means the nation has to dole out millions in aid to them.




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