Intolerance Among the Intolerant

Perhaps no group of Americans or more intolerant of others than gay activists. They march and protest for acceptance and tolerance, yet are totally intolerant of anyone who does not agree with their sinful lifestyle. They are quick to call anyone who holds firm to the biblical teaching that homosexuality is an abominable sin, a hater or homophobe. Yet, even within their own ranks there is intolerance for each over things like politics.

When he closes his eyes, Brian Talbert can see each detail of the float he had planned to build.

It was going to be 27 feet long, have “a bunch of American flags,” a replica of the Statue of Liberty, “female impersonators” and the “most patriotic music anyone has ever heard.”

The design would be so powerful, Talbert said, that nobody at the 2017 Charlotte Pride Parade would ever forget it.

“You were going to look at this float and be filled with pride for being an American,” Talbert told The Washington Post…

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The intolerance for anyone with a differing view or opinion shows the hypocrisy of liberal groups like gay activists. Let one of their own favor a different politician and suddenly there is no tolerance afforded to that individual. How can any group of people expect others to tolerate them if they refuse to tolerate others and even those within their own ranks? It’s an indication of just how wrong and sinful they are in their lifestyle and views of the world in general.





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