Individuals Involved in Suing DNC Report Being Threatened and More

Was the death of DNC information leaker Seth Rich purely a coincidence or a deliberate act of revenge for leaking sensitive DNC information to WikiLeaks? More questions into his death are being raised with the news that lawyers and plaintiffs involved in the lawsuit against the DNC for rigging the 2016 presidential election have been receiving threats, harassing messages and ‘freaky’ encounters, causing them to fear for their lives.

After the mysterious, unsolved murder of suspected DNC leaker Seth Rich, the mainstream media has been forced to accept that there are possible nefarious forces at work on the left.

Hillary Clinton, the queen of corruption, carries with her an air of inevitability unlike anything that we’ve bore witness to in modern political theater.  Her career of criminal antics has not gone unnoticed by anyone with an ear to ground in America, yet, she carries herself with the indignation of a woman on top of the food chain, with no natural predators to be wary of.  This is no oblivious arrogance, or ignorant confidence, no.  This is the bravado of a woman who cannot and will not be stopped by any means.  When you combine this attitude with the trail of destruction in her path, she becomes a woman to be feared.

Seth Rich, a DNC staffer and likely leaker of Clinton campaign emails to Wikileaks, was the victim of what the police are attempting to convey as a “botched robbery”, yet his wallet, phone, and watch were all still on his person after his body was discovered and the “robber” had long fled…

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It is not surprising considering all of the violence that liberal Democrats are calling for since the election of President Donald Trump. The calls and threats of violence have drastically escalated since the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise. There have also been other reports of threats of violence by the Clintons for a number years, dating back to when Bill was governor of Arkansas. Is the pattern continuing?



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