Hillary’s Idiotic Way to Stop Terrorism

When Hillary Clinton was Obama’s Secretary of State, she fully supported some Islamic terrorists such as when the Muslim Brotherhood controlled Egypt. Her closest confident and aide, who had access to confidential State secrets, had direct family ties to Islamic terrorists. Now Hillary has come out with THE most idiotic way to fight Islamic terrorism anyone has ever heard. She thinks that if we understand their food, that we can stop their acts of terrorism.

There are some terrible ideas emanating from the left side of American politics in regard to how to effectively deal with radical Islamic terrorism.

The most infamous of these tactics was popularized by former U.S. President Barack Obama whose master plan for ISIS and their vile cronies was to ignore them.  When the former democratic deity was forced to confront the Islamic terror threat, he did so by lamely insulting those who were waging war on all non-Muslims, calling them “desperate” and claiming that their attacks were indicative of an organization “on the run”.

Now, the once-apparent heir to the Obama throne, Hillary Clinton, has come forward with her own asinine theories on how best to combat jihadists, and they are no better than those of her former boss…

Hillary has said and done some pretty stupid things, like telling Congress, the courts and the American people that all of her emails were deleted by accident when they were easily recovered. Or when she continues to blame everyone except herself for losing the election. However, believing that we can fight terrorism by understanding their food had to be the wildest thing she has ever come up and to realize just how close she was to becoming our president is really frightening.

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