Hillary Needs to Tread Lightly if Returning to Politics

There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton still has a great deal of support, financially and voter-wise. Many believe she is posturing in such a way as to indicate she is planning some type of run for a political office. However, she just drew the ire of her Party when she blamed the Democratic National Committee for her loss to Donald Trump. She will need the support of the very people she is slamming.

With Democrats still trying to figure out who’s going to lead them, Hillary Clinton’s reemergence on the political scene is attracting a lot of attention. But while her recent appearances indicate that she can still lend a high-profile voice to Democratic causes, Clinton risks igniting a controversy that distracts from her party’s message.

On Wednesday, during an event at the Code Conference, Clinton told interviewers Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg that she believed the Democratic National Committee’s failures contributed to her loss. This rankled some political operatives and caused a small Twitter furor. Over on the right, Fox News fired up a Clinton chyron and brought pundits on to condemn her words.

The moment underscored for Clinton that if she’s going to return to public life — and help to Democrats — she’s going to need to choose her words and actions wisely…

Will Hillary still have enough Party support to overcome her blaming them for her loss? We may soon find out. Frankly, after the latest revelation from Judicial Watch, Hillary definitely violated federal law and national security protocol and the only place she belongs is in prison, not in public office.

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