Growing Unrest Among Democrats Could Yank Power from Pelosi

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has to be the most deranged member of Congress there is, at present. As a growing number of younger Democrats are blaming her for the 5 consecutive special election losses, she tells the nation that she is a ‘master legislator’ and a ‘politically astute leader’. This is typical of deranged individuals to think a lot of themselves than anyone else does.

Nancy Pelosi’s problem inside the Democratic caucus isn’t going away – as a new generation of lawmakers starts to openly question her leadership in the wake of consecutive special election losses.

The long-reigning House Democratic leader remained defiant at a press conference Thursday, saying she thrives on “competition” and touting her skills as a “master legislator” and “politically astute leader.”

But inside the rank-and-file, members are getting restless and the call for Pelosi to depart is louder than ever…

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It would be great if there were enough Democratic members of the House to force a new vote on Minority Leader and strip her of her power and position. I would love to see Pelosi divested of her powerful position, but then again, if the Democratic Party is failing with her at the helm, then maybe it’s best that she stay in power and continue to lead the Party to complete destruction.




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