Great Britain Finally Ready to Fight Islamic Extremists

My friends in the UK have told me for years that the British government have opened their doors to millions of Muslims and that it would come back to destroy the nation. In the wake of the third Islamic terrorist attack in a short period of time, the British government seems finally ready to take action and fight back against Islamic extremists in the country. It promises to lead to many more arrests in the near future.

The war between political correctness and reality has been waging for years around the globe, while radical Islamic extremists continue their unprecedented terror spree.

It began as an ill-formed notion in the head of former U.S. President Barack Obama, who refused to acknowledge radical Islam by name, afraid that he would offend and alienate Muslim voters who he hoped to persuade into Hillary Clinton’s camp for the 2016 election.  The then-President attempted to convince the people of the world that ISIS and the like were “on the run” and “desperate”, and that’s why their attacks had been on a much less grandiose scale.

In reality, ISIS had merely adopted fresh, lone-wolf tactics.  This allowed the evil organization to conduct operations in greater frequency, sacrificing only the enormous scale of seminal moments such as the September 11th attacks…

My British friends have been warning that increased Muslim terrorist attacks would result from Great Britain’s open-door policy to Muslim immigrants over the past several decades. They warn that the same thing will be soon happen in the United States if measures are not taken to limit the influx on Muslims.

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