Former DNC Aide Says Hillary’s Loss Excuses are Bull

Hillary Clinton, like most Democrats, refuse to accept blame for anything they have done wrong or for any of their failures. Obama blamed Republicans for the Sequestration shutdown when it was his idea to extort Republicans into compromising to his agenda. Hillary Clinton is blaming everyone near and far for her loss last November, except for just one person – herself. A former DNC aide said Clinton’s latest excuse is crap, manure, only he used more expletive terms.

Hillary Clinton has found plenty of non-Hillary Clinton things to blame for her 2016 loss, including Russia, James B. Comey, debate moderators and misogyny. But her decision Wednesday to add the Democratic National Committee to that list is predictably proving pretty sensitive inside her own party.

A top former DNC aide tweeted overnight that Clinton’s allegations were “f‑‑‑ing bulls‑‑‑” and even suggested that the Clinton campaign ignored its warnings about how competitive Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin were. Those three states proved decisive for President Trump and, especially in the case of Michigan and Wisconsin, were neglected by the Clinton campaign.

In a Wednesday appearance at Recode’s Code Conference in California, Clinton pointed to the DNC’s data deficit when she became the Democratic nominee…

Hillary needs to face it that there are still a few more conservatives left in America than the whining liberals that supported her, but that will never happen. She’s the type that can be caught with her hand in the cookie jar and then claim innocence and blame the jar. After all, she still blames guns for the actions of people. She’ll never grow up and act like an adult. Perhaps it best she goes and sulks in a jail cell for many years.

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