Florida Sheriff Tells Citizens to Arm Themselves to Help Protect Against Terrorism

It’s easy for a foreign power or subversive group to take over a nation of unarmed citizens, but it’s not that easy if a nation has a well-armed population like America. A sheriff in Florida says we are at war with terrorism so he is urging citizens to take advantage of the Second Amendment and arm themselves to help fight terrorism.

The United States has been an unwilling participant in the global terrorism pandemic ever since the dastardly attacks of September 11th, 2001.

As radical Islamic jihadists around the globe continue their arduous push for global religious supremacy, their tactics have shifted immensely in the ensuing 15-plus years.  September 11th’s heinous assault on America was a grandiose affair, rife with horror and a feeling of absolute inescapability.  The sheer immensity of the attacks was enough to send many Americans into a panic, while others went immediately to work to ensure that something so heinous could never again occur on American soil.

After the total reconfiguring of our national security plan, terrorists have been forced to work in smaller, shorter bursts.  Gone are the days of massive, national attacks with death tolls in the thousands.  Today’s terrorism is a game of quantity, not quality, and that has provided armed Americans with a unique advantage in the war on terror…

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Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey says that in the wake of growing terrorist attacks like what happened in Orlando, that armed citizens could be a first-line of defense to protect themselves, their families and their community against active shooters and terrorists. He stressed that attackers rely on people hiding and waiting for someone else to come to the rescue, but are not prepared to take on a well-armed people who are willing to fight back.




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