Female Air Force Cadet Revolutionizes Bulletproof Armor

Our military personnel and law enforcement officers depend on their bulletproof vests to save their lives. however, the current vests are heavy (about 26-pounds) and bulky. Imagine if someone was to find a way to may bulletproof body armor that only weighed a third of the current vests and still stop a bullet from penetrating? That’s exactly what a female cadet at the Air Force Academy and her professors have done.

Hayley Weir, a 21-year-old Air Force cadet, had a million dollar idea that is actually quite genius. It is a bulletproof material that could be used in everyday armor. She said, ”It was just the concept of going out there and stopping a bullet with something that we had made in a chemistry lab.”

She first were to the Air Force Academy Assistant Professor, Ryan Burke, to present him with the idea. He was skeptical at first, but the idea seemed to be more and more possible as he looked at it. He stated, “I said, ‘I’m not really sure this is going to work, the body armor industry is a billion-plus-dollar industry,” he continued, “I jam my finger right into this bowl, and I almost broke my finger! Hayley’s laughing because I’ve got this finger that I’m shaking and I’m saying, ‘You know, that’s pretty impressive stuff.”

Fox News reports:

Weir’s idea was to combine anti-ballistic fabric with what’s known as a shear thickening fluid to create a less heavy material to use in body armor…

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What’s more amazing is that she used common items that have been looked at before, but never in the combination the cadet figured out. Can you imagine our soldiers in the hot Middle East desert only having to wear an 8-to-9-pound bulletproof vest instead of a 26-pound vest? It will give them more mobility and help them endure the intense heat.




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