Farmer Barred from Market Due to Anti-Gay Marriage Facebook Post

Have you noticed that anti-discrimination laws only apply against conservatives and not liberals? You can go on Facebook and say anything you want against a conservative, tradition marriage or Christianity and nothing happens. Post something that criticizes liberal policies like gay marriage and suddenly you are discriminated against as a farmer found out after posting his views on gay marriage on his Facebook page.

A Michigan farmer, barred from selling at an open-air market in a nearby city after refusing to let a gay couple get married on his property, is suing the city.

Steve Tennes, who owns Country Mill farms, filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday alleging that East Lansing is excluding him from its farmers market because of his Christian belief that marriage can only be between a man and a woman.

Tennes, who is represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative Christian nonprofit that litigates for religious freedom, says that initially the city unsuccessfully attempted to exclude him from last year’s farmers market on grounds that his beliefs on marriage violated a city human rights ordinance. He told Fox News that in a letter last year telling him not to participate in the farmers market, the city specifically mentioned a comment Tennes made on his farm’s Facebook page expressing his views on same-sex marriage…

I hope he wins his lawsuit. This is another example of gay activists targeting a Christian in hopes of getting the Christian in trouble and pushing their liberal LGBT agenda Tennes stood his ground for his faith and then was denied his right to conduct business because of his views, truly a case of unlawful discrimination.

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