EPA Head Defends Trump’s Pullout of Paris Climate Deal

Every liberal in the world is up in arms over President Trump’s withdrawal of the Paris climate deal. Trump has stated he believes the climate is changing and global warming is happening, but he also says the international deal that Obama signed is very bad for America. Now, Scott Pruitt, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency defended the withdrawal, saying pulling out will help create more jobs and benefit the country.

Scott Pruitt, head of the Environmental Protection Agency, on Sunday defended the United States’ exit from the Paris climate accord, saying it will benefit the country and create more jobs. He also repeated his refrain that questions about President Trump’s personal views on climate change are beside the point.

“When we joined Paris, the rest of the world applauded … because it put this country at disadvantage,” Pruitt told Fox News’s Chris Wallace on Sunday morning. “It’s a bad deal for this country. We’re going to make sure as we make deals we’re going to put the interests of America first.”

Pruitt, who stood beside Trump as he announced the decision Thursday, faced a grilling on several Sunday-morning shows. Viewed as a huge influencer in the decision, the 49-year-old former Oklahoma attorney general has taken a lead role in undoing environmental regulations imposed under the Obama administration…

The trouble with liberals protesting Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord is that they care nothing about what’s best for America and Americans. They don’t care about jobs, unless it’s their own job, nor do they care about the overall economy of the nation. All they care about is globalization, which is what they were taught in America’s socialist public-school system.

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