DOJ Says It’s Legal for Trump’s Businesses to Accept Payments from Foreign Governments

Democrats are eager to find anything they can to attack President Donald Trump. Some have been trying to argue that since Trump is President that his businesses are forbidden to accept payments from foreign governments. The Department of Justice just filed a 70-page legal brief responding to the allegations, saying that in fact, it is legal for his businesses to take foreign payments.

The U.S. Department of Justice argued Friday that President Trump’s businesses are legally permitted to accept payments from foreign governments while he is in office, and thus Trump is not in violation of a constitutional clause barring the acceptance of emoluments.

In a 70-page legal brief responding to a liberal watchdog group’s lawsuit, the administration said that market-rate payments for goods or services made to the president’s real estate, hotel and golf companies do not constitute emoluments as defined by the Constitution.

Otherwise, they argued, presidents going back to George Washington would have run afoul of the rules barring domestic and foreign emoluments…

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The DOJ referred to the history of Presidents’ private businesses doing business with and receiving payments from foreign nations, going back to George Washington. If the charges made against Trump’s businesses is as charged, then a number of previous presidents would have been in violation, but they weren’t. The issue is only brought up because it’s Donald Trump and for no other reason.




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