Doctor Says Rep Scalise’s Condition Improving After Shooting

Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was on a baseball field with other congressional Republicans, practicing for the annual charity game against the Democrats, when a deranged Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire. Scalise was shot in the pelvis, causing serious damage to some of his internal organs. Not long after the shooting, President Trump told the nation that Scalise was in dire danger. Friday, after at least 3 surgeries, doctors said the Congressman’s condition is improving.

Watch as hospital officials provide an update to Rep. Steve Scalise’s condition Friday (June 16). Scalise is being treated for a gunshot wound to his hip.

Scalise has endured at least three surgeries since a gunman shot him at a baseball field in Alexandria, Va., as he practiced for the annual congressional baseball game. Officials with the Medstar Washington Hospital Center said Thursday he had improved over the last 24 hours.

Dr. Jack Sava, Medstar Washington Hospital Center’s director of trauma, is expected to speak at Friday’s news conference…

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Sen. Bernie Sanders may be publicly condemning the shooting, it’s exactly what his political views call for. Just a few days before the shooting, Sanders called for his supporters to take over the Democratic Party. Sanders is a socialist, as was the shooter, and socialism has a history of violence and suppression, which is exactly what the Sanders’ supporting shooter was living up to.




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