Department of Education Drops Transgender Civil Rights Case

In 2016, under the Obama administration, the Department of Education had opened a civil rights case against an Ohio school for preventing an alleged transgender student from using the bathroom of choice. Under the Trump administration, the Department of Education informed the student’s and school’s attorneys that they had dropped the civil rights violation charges and closed the case.

The Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights this week closed a long-running discrimination case involving a transgender student and withdrew its earlier findings that the girl had suffered discrimination at school, a move that comes amid the Trump administration’s push to scale back civil rights investigations in public schools.

The agency communicated its decision in a letter this week to lawyers representing the girl, an elementary school student in Highland, Ohio. The letter provided no reason or legal justification for withdrawing its 2016 conclusion that the girl’s school wrongly barred her from the girls’ bathroom and failed to address the harassment she endured from classmates and teachers, who repeatedly addressed her with male pronouns and the male name she was given at birth.

Candice Jackson, acting head of the civil rights office, said the department closed the case because the student has filed a legal challenge against the school district, and the matter will be settled in court…

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In this particular case, the student was anatomically male but claimed to be female and wanted to use the girl’s bathroom, but the school would not allow it. Under the liberal Obama administration, the non-rights of a perverted minority over-rode the rights of the normal majority, but not in the Trump administration. Now if only we can get rid of the liberal judges Obama appointed that still uphold his agenda over the constitutional rights of the normal majority.




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