Democrats Reeling After 4th Consecutive Loss in Special Elections

Democrats were certain that the erroneously reported public anger with President Donald Trump would assure them victories in upcoming elections. They counted on the public to show their frustration and mistrust, as reported by the Democrat biased liberal media. However, yesterday’s loss in Georgia, the fourth consecutive loss in special elections for the Democrats, have some Democrats reeling and scratching their heads and others are seething mad for their own losses.

Democrats scrambled to regroup on Wednesday after a disappointing special election defeat in Georgia, with lawmakers, activists and labor leaders speaking out in public and private to demand a more forceful economic message heading into the 2018 elections.

Among Democrats in Washington, the setback in Georgia revived or deepened a host of existing grievances about the party, accentuating tensions between moderate lawmakers and liberal activists and prompting some Democrats to question the leadership and political strategy of Nancy Pelosi, the House minority leader.

But the overarching theme among Democrats was a sense of sharp urgency about crafting a positive agenda around kitchen-table issues. Congressional Democrats have already been meeting in private to shape a core list of economic policies, but their work did not reach any conclusive point during a long season of special elections…

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The liberal media and Democrats would have everyone believing that no one still supports Trump, yet a recent poll from one source indicated that Trump’s approval rating was 50%, much higher than reported by the Trump-hating media. Democrats from all over the nation poured millions of dollars into the Georgia special election with confidence they could buy the House seat held by Republicans for several decades. When the votes were counted Tuesday night, Republican Karen Handel defeated the Democrat ‘shoe-in’ Jon Ossoff.




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