Are Democrats Jumping from the Trump Impeachment Ship?

There has been a tremendous amount to talk among Democrats about wanting to impeach Donald Trump. Some will continue to cling to that hope all the way to their eventual defeat at the polls. However, as momentum for impeachment seemed to be gaining ground, rumors have it that some Democrats have been jumping ship and abandoning the effort to impeach and oust Trump.

Even before republican Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, there was talk among the defeated democrats about how best to oust him.

It was the epitome of the sore loser lesson that many of us will be teaching our children as they reach sporting age:  Do your best, and if that’s not better than the next guy, congratulate him on his ability.  For the democrats, however, the entire moral of the story is lost.  Instead, they have spent the better part of the last 7 months incessantly whining and complaining and blaming instead of doing their job of governing for their constituents.  After the victorious Trump finally got around to firing the incompetent James Comey, possibly the most dismal FBI director in recent history, the left turned their rhetoric up to 11, finally dropping the “I” word in public.

Immediately branding President Trump as guilty of obstruction of justice, congressional democrats began a campaign to impeach the newly-minted Commander in Chief.  Now, however, after these leftist lunatics have possibly caught a whiff of just how rank their accusations were, are running swiftly away from their earlier plans…

If Democrats are abandoning the effort to impeach President Donald Trump, then hopefully they’ll grow up and start doing what they were elected to Congress to do. Currently, many Democrats are too occupied with fighting against everything Trump and Republicans try to accomplish and in the process, they have thrown the American people overboard to drown on their own.

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