Dem Group Charged with Voter Registration Fraud

Whenever any Republican, including President Donald Trump, mentions anything about voter fraud, Democrats mock them and claim there is no evidence of voter fraud.

Let’s just take a quick look at some of the incidents of voter fraud that occurred before, during and since the 2012 presidential elections:

In January 2012, filmmaker James O’Keefe videoed evidence of voter fraud in the New Hampshire primary. He discovered that no one needed to provide any form of ID. Give them a name and you could vote. He went from one precinct to another with the names of people who had died and found that they could still vote and in some instances, had voted.

On September 7, 2012, Project Veritas sent an undercover person into President Obama’s grassroots campaign group known as Organizing for America, headquarters in Houston, Texas. The agent explained that she was registered to vote in Florida and in Texas and wanted to vote twice to help Obama’s chance of winning re-election.

The staffer she spoke with, Stephanie Caballero, the Regional Field Director for OFA in Houston, is a salaried employee of the Democratic National Committee. In the course of two visits from the Veritas agent, Caballero helped her and encouraged her to vote in both states, clearly violations of federal election laws. It was also revealed that organizing for America staff allowed voters to register to vote in a second state so they could vote more than once.

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In November 2012, a number of residents in in Forest Park, Ohio, showed up at the local polling precinct to vote, only to be told that they had already voted via absentee ballots, but none of them had previously voted. Incidentally, the precinct and county voted for Obama.

During the 2012 voting, people in Marion County, Ohio, about 50 miles north of Columbus, reported that the voting machines had changed their votes from Mitt Romney to Barack Obama. One voter said it took her three times before the voting machine accepted her vote for Romney without changing it to Obama.

In the 2012 election, 149 precincts out of a total of 1077 precincts in all of Cuyahoga County, Ohio, reported fewer than 10 votes for Mitt Romney. Statistically this is extremely rare and many experts suggest that this represents some sort of voter fraud. In Cuyahoga County, which includes Cleveland, the final vote was Barack Obama 420,953 to Mitt Romney’s 184,475 votes. Considering Obama won Ohio with less than a margin of 104,000 votes, it makes one question the accuracy and legitimacy of the county’s election system.

Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) was sworn in as a member of the U.S House of Representatives in January 1991. The former Mayor of Arlington, Virginia was nearing the end of his 11th term in Congress and seemed like a safe bet for re-election. That is until his son was caught on tape discussing how to commit voter fraud.

Pat Moran, Field Director for his father’s election campaign was a full-time paid employee of that campaign. He was approached by an undercover reporter for Veritas and asked how to could a couple of people get away with voting for a 100 other people who supposedly were not going to vote. Pat Moran suggests they forge utility bills with names and addresses for the people as that should pass for identification on Election Day. At one point, he even seemed to offer the aid of attorneys working for the Obama campaign.

In 2012, Cincinnati poll worker Melowese Richardson was caught voting for Obama more than once. Richardson was investigated and it was discovered that ever since her sister entered into a coma in 2003, Richardson has voted for her sister. She also voter for a brother, a granddaughter and others. One report stated that she may have voted for as many as 6 or more people. She also voted by absentee ballot and then voted at the polls because she wanted to make sure that her vote counted.

Since the 2012 and 2014 elections when Republicans gained ground in Congress and took control of the Senate (2104), Democrat run states like Oregon and California passed laws that automatically registered to vote, everyone who obtained or renewed a valid state driver’s license. Both states also allow illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses, meaning that hundreds of thousands of illegals were automatically registered to vote and could have if they wanted and probably did.

As a result, Gregg Phillips, Founder of Vote Stand and JumpVote reported that at least 3 million illegals voted in the November 2016 election. The Washington Times reported:

“A large number of non-citizen Hispanics, as many as 2 million, were illegally registered to vote in the U.S., according to a nationwide poll.”

“The National Hispanic Survey provides additional evidence for use by anti-voter fraud conservatives and bolsters an analysis by professors at Old Dominion University who say non-citizens registered and voted in potentially large numbers.”

“President Trump has announced he will appoint a task force on voter fraud headed by Vice President Mike Pence. He says he wants the investigation to focus on inaccurate voter registration rolls, which are maintained by the states and the District of Columbia.”

“‘It is a fact and you will not deny it, that there are massive numbers of non-citizens in this country who are registered to vote,’ White House adviser Stephen Miller told ABC News. ‘That is a scandal. We should stop the presses’.”

In October 2013 it was revealed that more than 200 counties in the United States had more registered voters than they had residents.

In the 2014 elections, it was discovered that voting machines in Illinois and Maryland were programmed to switch votes from Republicans to Democrats.

Now it’s being reported that 12 employees of the Indiana Voter Registration Project have been charged with submitting fake or fraudulent voter registration application forms. The group has ties with former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and former President Bill Clinton.

Allegedly, the fake and fraudulent voter registration forms were the result of the organization’s quota driven pay scale. Workers were paid in accordance to the number of application forms they submitted, kind of like the scandal that rocked Wells Fargo last year with millions of accounts being opened in people’s names without their knowledge.

The report didn’t say if any of these bogus registrations resulted in votes or not. However, one can only assume that due to the track record involving so many Democratic voter fraud incidents over the past few years that it would have been very possible for fraudulent voting to have resulted.


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