Cosby Jury Deadlocked, Judge Says No Mistrial

Longtime comedian and actor Bill Cosby is on trial over charges that he intentionally drugged a woman without her knowledge and then took sexual advantage of her while she was drugged. There have been many others who have reported the same thing, but one never knows how many were true and how many were just attempts for publicity or money. The question is if he is guilty or not. That’s for a jury to decide, but supposedly, after 30-hours of deliberations, the jury is deadlocked and the judge refuses to call a mistrial.

The jury deciding Bill Cosby’s fate told a judge they’re deadlocked Thursday.

“We cannot come to an unanimous consensus on any of the counts,” the sequestered panel of five women and seven men told Montgomery County Judge Steven T. O’Neill.

The jury had been deliberating more than 30 hours, reportedly a record for the courthouse in Norristown, Penn.

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Cosby’s defense lawyer Brian McMonagle heard the news and asked for a mistrial…

The judge has ordered the jury to re-examine the facts and to continue to deliberate. He did not set a timetable or deadline for the jury, in his attempt to end the hearing with a verdict. If the jury remains deadlocked, the judge may have no choice but to call a mistrial. Then the question remains of whether or not Cosby will be retried or will he walk away Scott free?




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