Conservatives Looking into Possible Mueller-Comey Collusion

It seems that the moment fired FBI Director James Comey finished testifying before the Senate Intelligence Community that there suddenly developed a bromance between Comey and Special Counsel Robert Mueller who is investigating the Russia scandal and possibly President Trump. The degree of the bromance has become a topic of concern among conservatives on Capitol Hill who say they are looking into it.

The endless, nonsensical probe into Donald Trump’s fictitious ties to Russia has turned the stomachs of a great many Americans, and it’s about to get even more sickening.

A recent poll found that most Americans are entirely fed up, annoyed, and just plain over the ongoing investigation into whether or not Donald Trump colluded with Russia in order to win the 2016 presidential election.  In all previous incarnations of the huffing and puffing leftist lunacy, there has been zero evidence to link the businessman-turned-politician to America’s greatest 1980’s action movie super villain.  Yet, the liberals continue to push forward, marring their own legacy on their way to Crazy-ville.

Now, as we catch another glimpse of what is truly happening behind the scenes, conservative across the nation are furious due to the possibility of collusion between fired FBI Director James Comey and Special Counsel Robert Mueller; the left’s last hope in their crusade to destroy the President’s credibility…

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At this point in the game, nothing the Democrats do to try to oust Trump will surprise me. The current members of the Democratic Party are the most corrupt and unethical political group in our nation’s history. They lie, promote voter fraud in numerous ways, try to silence and target conservatives and worst of all, they are doing their best to completely destroy America and everything that made America the great and powerful nation it once was.




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