Connecticut Town Posts Gun-Free Zone Signs

Some of America’s first gun manufactures began in Connecticut. A number of gun manufacturers, such as Colt, Sturm, Marlin and Mossberg among others, still make Connecticut their home. Yet, none of their products are welcome in Woodbridge, Connecticut as the town leaders have banned all guns from public properties in the city.

In the brainwashed town of Woodbridge, CT they have banned guns from public properties that are owned by the town.

That includes places like the Town Hall, library, hiking trails, etc. Any property that is owned by Woodbridge is off limits for firearms. The supporters of the bill believe it will make the town safer. However, as a gun-toting Americans, we know that it is only a “feel good” law that makes the town less safe, not the other way around.

Woodbridge isn’t the only town to implement this law either. There are similar bans in at least five other Connecticut towns…

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Woodbridge leaders didn’t just ban guns from all public property and buildings, but they also banned all air guns, air rifles, crossbows, longbows, archery equipment and any other kind of weapon there is. They believe they are making their town safer, but all they are doing is making their town the target for the next whacko or terrorist, since no one will be armed and able to stop them.




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