Has Comey Teamed-Up with Special Counsel Mueller?

Fox News Reporter Gregg Jarrett has ventured the possibility that fired FBI Director James Comey could be teaming up with Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the investigation into the Russian interference in the 2016 US elections and any possible connection to the Trump campaign. It’s ironic that there has been as much, if not more evidence to show that Hillary Clinton’s campaign had has much contact, if not more, with Russian officials that Trump’s campaign.

I have not yet received the announcement in the mail.  But I expect it will arrive any day now. 

After all, Robert Mueller and James Comey appear to be acting in concert as co-special counsel.  Why not make it official with a formal notice of their union?

It was obvious it would evolve this way from the very moment Mueller was named on May 17th.

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Which is why I wrote a column two days later, arguing that Mueller should resign as special counsel.  He has a flagrant conflict of interest that disqualifies him from serving. To wit, his personal and professional closeness to Comey…

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Mueller’s investigation found more evidence of collusion or illegal meetings between the Clinton campaign and Russian officials? That would be a complete backfire of what Democrats are hoping for. Frankly, I don’t think Comey could be named as co-counsel with Mueller because of a conflict of interest from everything he has already been involved in, but Democrats would probably welcome it.



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