Comey Lied Under Oath Says Trump

After Thursday’s testimony of fired FBI Director James Comey before the Senate Intelligence Committee, it is coming down to a ‘he said v. he said’ debate. Comey told the committee that Trump is a liar and Trump says that Comey was lying under oath. At least on one key item in Comey’s testimony, Trump’s attorney provided evidence that in fact Comey was wrong about when and why he leaked a confidential memo with the press.

President Trump on Friday addressed the swirling controversy over ousted FBI Director James Comey and said he would be “100 percent” willing to testify under oath about his version of events leading up to Comey’s testimony.

Trump flatly denied much of what Comey said during his Senate testimony a day earlier. Comey implied he had been fired from his post for pursuing the Russia investigation but stopped short of alleging obstruction of justice.

“Yesterday showed no collusion, no obstruction,” Trump said in the White House Rose Garden, during a news conference with the visiting Romanian president…

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In reality, Comey’s testimony was more damaging to the Obama administration and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. If you believe what Comey said, Lynch did put pressure on him to drop or lessen the investigation of Hillary Clinton before the election. Democrats were hoping for proof of obstruction of justice against Trump and they got obstruction of justice against Lynch instead.




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